Client: Marissa Alexander Justice Project

Branding and digital for a survivor helping communities thrive.

About The Client

In May 2012, Marissa Alexander was prosecuted for aggravated assault with a lethal weapon after firing a warning shot into the air to defend herself and her children against an abusive partner.  Though her state, Florida, has a Stand Your Ground law, she lost her case and received a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years in prison.  Her story went viral, especially given the already tense racial environment surrounding the Trayvon Martin murder in the same state.  Despite public outcry from advocacy groups and Marissa’s own testament that she acted in self-defense, Prosecutor Angela Corey rejected her claims and took her case to trial. She was convicted and took a plea deal to serve 3 years of her 20 year sentence..

Our Work

When we began working with Marissa, she had a logo that was created by a local designer as a donation to her cause.  The logo contained several elements that were extremely important to Marissa: butterflies, peacocks, and the Phoenix bird.  Though this original logo captured her spirit and energy, it ultimately did not translate well into small scale and needed a design refresh.  Intent on maintaining the butterfly, peacock, Phoenix imagery and on incorporating purple, red, and blue, we got to work designing a logo that honored the resilience Marissa displayed.  We wanted to also provide her with an option for a text-only logo.


For the website, we incorporated her brand colors as well as other deep earthy colors.  Marissa really wanted to connect with her audience and create an experience that felt enveloping and warm.


Identity/Visual Branding


Art/Creative Direction

Graphic Design

Positioning & Analysis


Brand Guidelines



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