Higher Ground of Light


Branding, Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Development

Higher Ground of Light (HGL) is a ministry based in west Florida, focusing on helping Christians live a life of freedom and devotion.  Founded by Pastors Ruddie and Salathea Mingo, the church has a diverse congregation spanning several ethnic, gender, and age groups.

Though HGL had been an active ministry for many years, they had no logo or website for their congregants.  Pastor Mingo wanted a logo that wasn’t too “Christiany” (his own words) or too modern, but one that represented light and growth and was “literal without being obvious.”  We worked with Pastor Mingo and his daughter, social media expert Deanna Mingo, to create a fun and engaging logo, and to create a website that was bright and colorful with lots of white space.  We were also tasked with selecting photography that depicted “real-looking people” rather than models.