Global Philanthropy Project


Website Design, Website Developent

Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) is a collaboration of funders and philanthropic advisors working to expand global philanthropic support to advance the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people in the Global South and East.

Until a recently, the online home of GPP was housed on the Astraea Lesbian Foundation website.  Growth and forecasting led the GPP team to seek their own website, and Haki Creatives was solicited to submit a proposal for this work.  After acceptance, we embarked on a tedious journey of helping the GPP team understand their brand and calibrate their mission and content to properly reflect their expansion.  We were also asked to design a site that would be pleasing and accessible to persons with disabilities.  The result is a bright, airy, and beautiful website reflecting the scope and energy of GPP’s members.  In addition we created an alternative site with simple text for users with screen readers.