Black Lives Matter


Website Design, Website Development

#BlackLivesMatter is a social equity movement predicated on Black self-determination. Founded in 2012 by three Black women as a hashtag, the organization has grown into an international network comprised of 26 chapters working for justice and freedom for Black people around the world.

The #BlackLivesMatter logo was originally designed by the excellent design firm, Design Action. We’ve partnered with the #BlackLivesMatter Network to bring its vision to the digital world, by transforming the hashtag into a website.  Our work with #BlackLivesMatter has now spawned two websites:

  • We designed an initial website, in the Fall of 2014, after the #BlackLivesMatter trip to Ferguson, MO.
  • The second website, displayed below, reflects the network’s rapid growth, structure, and broader political vision.

Our goal for the new website was to disseminate a large amount of information while also clearly articulating the network’s political perspective, focused on transparency and authenticity.